All auditions have a $15 audition fee. Download and complete the audition form and bring it with a headshot.  You must have a form and headshot for every company/troupe you are auditioning for.

Online auditions are closed. If you would still like to audition, arrive no later than one hour prior to your audition time with your form complete for every audition you will participate in. A head shot is needed for each audition as well.

Doors will open at 8:00 am. Please arrive early to check in. If you are auditioning for more than one company/troupe you will be given one audition number and you only need to check in once, prior to your first audition. Please wear all black.

Contracts and addenda will be emailed with invitations to join.  There are mandatory parent meetings for every company and troupe. Questions can be answered at that time and before you commit to anything.

Watch this page as more information will be added as we receive it from the Artistic Directors.

Hawkins Classical & Contemporary Ballet Company and Ballet Troupe

Ballet auditions for both the Hawkins Classical & Contemporary Ballet Company and the Hawkins Ballet Troupe.

Artistic Director: Deirdre Hawkins
Assistant Director: Erin Hogan

Dancers are to audition by age. Placement will be based on a combination of age, talent and commitment.

Wear black leotards, pink tights, hair in bun and no jewelry.  Bring pointe shoes for the 1:30 pm audition.  

Hawkins Contemporary Jazz Company

Please audition by age.  If you would like to audition for Pre-pro, there are extra requirements. Please read the details carefully as it is a two part processP

Artistic Director: Jacob Gutierrez-Montoya
Assistant Director: Kelly Saia

Mandatory Parent Meeting: May 5 – times TBA. Dancers are required to come to the Pre-Pro meeting on the 5th

Hawkins Tap Company And Troupe

Join the party and take your skill set to the next level with the Hawkins Tap Company and Troupe! Be challenged, achieve your goals, and make memories to last a lifetime! All black dance attire required.

Artistic Director: Marissa Tidrick

Troupe 5-7yrs old 1+yr Tap experience 
Troupe 6-10yrs old 2+yrs Tap experience 
HTC2 8+yrs old 3+yrs Tap experience 
HTC1 8+yrs old 4+yrs Tap experience 
JR. ELITE 10+yrs old 4+yrs Tap experience 
ELITES 12+yrs old 5yrs+ Tap experience 

Hawkins Jazz Troupe

Description: Jazz troupe is perfect for dancers who want to grow in their overall technique while focusing on jazz choreography as well as have the opportunity to compete and perform. 

Artistic Director Troupes 1 and 2: Kendra Barrerra
Artistic Director Troupe 3: Kelley Saia

 Jazz Troupe 1 Ages 9-12

  • Required Classes: 2 ballet, 1 troupe choreography class, 1 jazz tech class, 1 elective class 

 Jazz Troupe 2 Ages 8-10

  • Required Classes: 2 ballet, 1 troupe choreography class, 1 jazz tech class

 Jazz Troupe 3 Ages 6-8

  • Required Classes: 1 ballet , 1 jazz tech class, 1 troupe choreography class

Building a strong sense of community and individuality through work ethic and the appreciation of hip hop culture.

Delayed Reaction 10-13 (Artistic Director: Emilee Chew)
Adrenaline Rush 14+ (Artistic Directors: Emilee Chew and William McCray)

All ages audition together for Delayed Reaction and Adrenaline Rush. This is a two-hour audition

Hip Hop Troupes

Hawkins Modern Dance Troupe (MODt) is for ages 13+ with a minimum of 3 years of previous dance experience (no modern training required). MODt aims to provide versatile dance training in a number of modern dance techniques while encouraging dancers to expand their training with other styles of dance. MODt offers a fun, creative and inspiring team dynamic. 

Artistic Directors: Tony Nguyen and Kelley Saia


You must register for both a dance audition and a voice audition. The voice audition will be 2 hours to get through all of our auditions. You will only be charged the audition fee for the dance portion.

Artistic Director: Elio Gutierrez-Montoya

During the voice portion you will be asked to sing and perform 16-32 bars of music.  Please bring sheet music for our pianist that is clearly marked (where to start playing and where to stop).  No tracks will be accepted.  You may be asked to read a couple of sentences out loud at the audition.

Please audition during the Jazz/Contemporary audition at your age level for the dance portion.  

Musical Theater Troupe