Private Voice - Christopher Bello

Mr. Bello has performed Opera and Musical Theatre on both the east and west coasts and has been teaching voice for over thirty years.


Jazzercise - Carmen Held-Taucher


Warriors Within


Join "Warriors Within" - to explore, experiment, and learn how Martial Arts movements can be peacefully - and playfully - applied to an empowered everyday life.

Through group games, movement puzzles, solo and partner techniques, you will discover how to be more centered and resilient to conflict, more powerful emotionally, physically, and mentally while your confidence will grow as you open to change in a harmonious and exciting way.

Life long Martial Arts student, practitioner and instructor Bogdan Heretoiu (references here) leads each class in a personal, exploratory approach to martial arts traditions, and uses playfulness and storytelling as the fundamental building blocks of learning and personal development.