Dance Resolution "Don'ts"

Are you setting some dance resolutions for the new year? You might want to consider not doing any of these...

The Show Must Go On!

Every dancer has had at least one embarrassing moment onstage. Costume malfunctions, falls, and technical difficulties are only some of the mishaps that have happened to some of our own Hawkins dancers! Here are some of the greatest.

“My top came undone during Spring Into Dance! I had to fix it on stage!” -Angela Palumbo HCJC 

“When I was five I was an angel in the Nutcracker. When we had to run in a circle my halo flew off frisbee-style into the audience and was never seen again! I kept on dancing!” -Baylee Ferrerra HCJC

“In Coppelia I was in the wrong spot for a lift!” -Israel Foss former HCJC

“My top came off during recital when I was ten! I had to retie it during a section where I was in the back!” Meagan Patterson HCJC 

“At a competition we were walking on at the beginning of a piece and I had to sneeze reallybadly! I tried to hold it in but ended up sneezing on a girl’s back! Funny thing was, we still got a platinum award!” -Ashton Titus HCJC

“During a tech rehearsal my shirt fell off, and there were people in the audience watching!” -Sage Craig HTC

‘Once at a competition I was so pumped about going on stage, and when I went to perform I whipped my head so fast that boogers came out and I couldn't wipe my face! The worst part was that I was wearing a fake ponytail clip that kept sticking to my face!” Kate Xiong former HCJC

 “I performed a dance at Great America and had a blue slushy stain on my tank top! It smelt like blueberries!” -Lauren Howell HCJC

“Once at a competition I ran into the backdrop and made the funniest face! They caught it on camera too!” -Mckenna Goodall HCJC

As you can see, everyone makes mistakes. The important thing to remember is that the audience probably doesn't know! Get back up, put on a smile, and keep dancing because after all, the show must go on!