Settling in to the New Season

Welcome to our Anniversary Season! If this is your first season with us at Hawkins School of Performing Arts or your tenth, we have some tips for parents and dancers.

For Dancers

1.      Pack your bags. Our dance bags are our best friends. They carry shoes, socks, bobby pins, bandaids, and so much more! But they do tend to get hectic… and smell… So start off the season well! Empty your bag and give it a spin in the washing machine (or spray some air freshener in it if it’s not washing machine safe). Make sure you have everything you need!

2.     Stash your bags. When you're in a class with 16+ people, there might not be a lot of room for everyone’s bags (especially in some of our smaller studios). Please store your bags in the kitchen, in the cubbies in the student lounge, or in the hallway outside the door of the room you're in class to save space. We have many new dancers and we want to make sure our studios have room for everyone!

3.      Find your way around. Even for dancers who have been with us for years, finding the room you're supposed to be in can be a challenge. Luckily we have the class schedule for that room posted outside the door year-round! If this can’t help you then our staff in the front office can help you find your way around! If you are taking multiple classes in a row, it can be helpful to find where all of your classes take place before your first class.


4.     Dress to impress. Every teacher has their preferences as to what you wear, but our dress code online is a general idea as to what we expect. Please remember that we have dancers of all ages at our studio and we try to give them a good impression as to what is appropriate. We know that it can get hot, but loose fitting tank tops and shorts are a perfect way to stay cool in contemporary, jazz, and tap classes!

5.     Open up! Our outstanding faculty is here to help you grow! So don’t be shy! Introduce yourself! And the students in your class are equally as excited to dance with you!  Have you been with us for years? Then introduce yourself to someone new and make a new dance friend. We pride ourselves on our healthy, loving, family oriented environment! Take a deep breath and enjoy your time!

For Parents

1.      Traffic can be a little crazy right around the times classes change.  A couple tips.

o   Do not try to wait in the parking lot for your dancer if there isn’t a parking space. There are too many cars and kids (including little people with our neighbors next door) so it is very dangerous. Come in and pick up your student – and say “hi” to some terrific parents and staff!

o   Treat the parking lot like it is one way – entering near the gas station and exiting near SuperFit.

o   No parking in the lot? There is parking behind the building. Head back out to Woodmere and turn in the next driveway. Or head behind the building to the right. There is always parking in those areas.

o   Trying to head north on Folsom Blvd.? Don’t try to make a lefthand turn from Woodmere. Instead, head west on Woodmere, make a right on Park Way and another right on Park Shore to reach the light with a left turn signal. Faster and safer!

2.     Forgot a snack or water bottle? Your dancer got a run in their tights? The Booster Club has you covered!  Snacks, drinks, and tights are all for sale in the lobby.  Need something beyond tights or the great Hawkins dance wear offered in the office? Visit Capital Costumes and tell them you dance at Hawkins for a discount!

3.      We all love seeing how our dancers are progressing, but too many people in the hallways is dangerous.  We need the space for dancers and their bags. And quite frankly, sometimes dancers don’t want us to watch, especially as they are just learning something. Please remember that the first week of the month is when you can view your students through the windows. Otherwise, have a seat in one of our comfortable seating areas.

4.     Wondering where to go if you have a question? The staff in the front office is your first stop. Have an accounting issue? Visit the staff in the back office – you can find it by going through the kitchen and it is the first door on your right.

Hopefully these tips will help you acclimate to a new studio or find out something that might just make your day easier!

Kori (mom) and Ashton (dancer) have been part of the Hawkins family since 2006.