Company Description:

The Pre-Professional level of HCJC is designed for students who are planning to pursue a career in the arts.  As such, the commitment level is high and the expectations are higher.  Members also serve as apprentices for the Sacramento Contemporary Dance Theatre that stages multiple productions and performs at numerous community events throughout the region. All company members are required to be at all scheduled events and rehearsals, including those for SCDT which are held on Sundays (crossover dancers may have a modified schedule). As a member, the expectation is that the company is a dancer’s primary priority. Dancers are encouraged to discuss other endeavors, artistic or otherwise, they wish to pursue with the AD prior to auditioning.  Company members are required to have multiple years of training with advanced technique.

The tentative schedule and requirements for 2019-20 is:

Tuesdays 5-7 Choreography
Wednesdays 5-6 Technique
Thursdays 7-8 Rotating
Thursdays 8-9 Precision
1st and 3rd Saturdays 10-11 Progressing Ballet Technique
11-2 Choreography
2:30-3:30 Guest choreography precision
Sundays 5-8 SCDT Rehearsal

In addition, there will be one hour of “Pre-pro Ballet” and dancers must take an additional 3 hours of ballet. An elective that is customized to the company member’s goals will be determined by the dancer and the AD.

In addition to pre-registering for and attending the age appropriate Contemporary/Jazz audition on April 27 at HSPA, applicants must also complete the following 2-part application:

The deadline to apply has passed. Thank you to all who applied. Remember your videos must be uploaded by April 17 to complete your application, along with attending the age appropriate audition on April 27. Please be sure to pre-register.

  • Part of this application is to provide two references from dance related professionals.  At least one must be a current ballet teacher. Forms will be sent to directly to your references: This form must be submitted by April 1 at 10:00 PM. Sooner is better so that we can get the forms to your references.

  • Upload a video  that includes the following: 

    • 2-minute discussion of what you hope to gain by being a member or HCJC Pre-Pro and what you believe you would bring to the company.

    • 1 minute performing your own contemporary/jazz choreography

    • 1 minute of improvisation

      Be sure to name the video with your first and last name

Videos must be uploaded by April 17 at 10 pm. No exceptions.