Fri. June 20th 7pm Performance - FINAL ORDER 15 minute inter.,show ends aprox 9p
1. Who Will Buy, Instructor - Tracy Shearer Tues. 6p Stage Vocals Beginning
2. Acro II, Instructor - Naomi Petrik Thurs. 4p Acrobatics Beginning
3. Pompeii, Instructor - Jake Montana Mon. 5p Hawkins Jazz Company #2
4. Untamed Flight, Instructor - Deirdre Hawkins Mon.6p Ballet Folsom
5. Whole Wide World, Instructor - Jake Montoya Tue. 6p Hawkins Jazz Company #3
6. Watercolours, Instructor - Carly Snyder Fri. 5p Ballet Beg.
7. That Night, Graduating Senior Solo The Story
8. Wash My Hands, Instructor - Marissa Tidrick Fri. 4p Tap Basic 1
9. Clarity, Instructor - Carly Snyder Wed. 6p Jazz Inter.
10. Jardine Anime-Le Corsaire, Instructor - Jeanne Jacobson Thurs. 4p Ballet Basic 2
11. Picking Oranges, Instructor - Shannon Mahoney Mon. 4p Ballet Beg.
12. Princess Gone Bad, Instructor - Janae Rosebud Wed. 6p Hip Hop Beg.
13. Take You To Rio, Instructor - Oriana Castro Tues. 5p Jazz Beg.
14. In Control, Instructor - Ajax Lewis Tues. 7p & Tues. 8p Hip Hop Break Beg. &Hip Hop Break Int./Adv.
15. Silhouette, Instructor - Jake Montoya Mon. 5p HJC 2, Tues. 6p HJC 3, Thurs. 6p HJC 1
~~~~~~~15 MINUTE INTERMISSION~~~~~~~
16. Go Do, Instructor - Jake Montoya Fri. 6p Jazz Basic 2
17. End Of The Year, Instructor - Deirdre Hawkins Mon. 6p Ballet Folsom
18. Read All About It, Instructor - Jake Montoya Hawkins Jazz Company Specialty Piece
19. Nostalgia, Instructor - Shash Roy Classical Eastern Dance
20. Nice Guys, Instructor - Wynton Odd Thurs. 7p Hip Hop Beg.
21. Skinny Love, Instructor - Kathy Bailey Mon. 6p Contemporary Int.
22. Heidi Heidi Ho, Instructor - Beverly Stewart Sound Out tap company Specialty Piece
23. Friends Dance, Instructor - Erin Born Wed. 4p Ballet Basic/Intermediate
24. Pacific, Instructor - Jake Montoya Graduating Senior Solo Ashley Chin-Mark Ballet Folsom
25. Ready For A Miracle, Student Choreography/Graduating Senior Solo Katie Mersereau
26. Dreams and Nightmares, Instructor - Janae Rosebud Mon.8p Hip Hop Inter./Advanced
27. Purity, Instructor - Kathy Bailey Thurs. 6p Lyrical Intermediate
28. Presence, Instructor - Jake Montoya Mon. 6p Ballet Folsom Specialty Piece
29. Finale' - All Performers
Saturday June 21st 9am Performance - FINAL ORDER
(approx. 1 hour performance)
1. I Was Here, Instructor - Jake Montoya Mon. 8p Hawkins Jazz Company #1
2. Real Wild Child, Instructor - Tessa Buys Fri. 415p Dance Sampler
3. Oh My Darlin' Clementine, Instructor - Rebecca Henning Sat. 9a Ballet Beg.
4. Cinderella Princess/Cast B, Instructor - Marissa Tedrick Tue. 1015a Ballet Tiny Toes
5. Sunshine Sweeties, Instructor - Ashley Chin-Mark Sat. 9a Pre-Ballet
6. The Hard Knock Life /Cast A, Instructor - Carly Snyder Wed. 4p Beg. Sing and Dance
7. The Boy From New York City, Instructor - Marissa Tidrick Wed. 4p Tap Beg.
8. Do The Dinosaur, Instructor - Tessa Buys Sat. 9a Hip Hip Beg.
9. Say Something, Instructor - Jake Montoya SADA Scholarship Recipient Jonathan Dole Ballet Folsom/iMPACT
10. Daft Punk, Instructor - Mary Nguyen Tue. 6p Hip Hop Beg.
11. Happy, Instructor - Tessa Buys Fri. 5p Jazz Beg.
12. Statues, Instructor - Janae Rosebud Fri. 7p Hip Hop Beg.
13. Ballerinas in Pink, Instructor - Marlene Richards Tues. 3p Ballet Beg.
14. Suit And Tie, Instructor - Tessa Buys Fri. 7p Pop Hip Hop Basic 1
15. Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows, Instructor - Jake Montoya Thurs. 3p Sing and Dance
16. Orange Slice, Instructor - Deirdre Hawkins Graduating Senior Solo Ashely Chin-Mark
17. Swirl Pops, Instructor - Deirdre Hawkins Tues. 5p Classique Competition Troupe
18. Finale' - All Performers
Saturday June 21st 11 am Performance – FINAL ORDER
(approx. one hour performance)
1. Let It Go, Vocal Instructor - Tracy Shearer Fri. 5p Beg. Stage Vocals
2. Conga, Instructor - Gretta Smith Thur. 4p Beg. Jazz
3. Fairy Dust, Instructor - Carly Snyder Fri. 4p Beg. Ballet
4. Rockin' Robin, Instructor - Marissa Tidrick Mon. 1130a Ballet/Tap
5. Rosie, Instructor - Marissa Tidrick Mon. 1030a Ballet/Tap
6. Come Get It, Instructor - Tessa Buys Fri. 315p Jazz/Hip Hop, Fri. 6p Beg. Hip Hop
7. Cinderella Princesses/Cast A, Instructor - Marissa Tidrick Mon. 10a Ballet Tiny Toes
8. Animal, Instructor - Jake Montoya Thurs. 4p Inter. Character Jazz
9. Summer Flowers, Instructor - Kathy Bailey Thur. 4p Basic 2 Ballet
10. Sugar Rush, Instructor - Tessa Buys Sat. 10a Beg. Jazz Hawking Jazz Company #6
11. The Ballerina, Instructor - Rebecca Henning Mon. 4p Ballet Basic 1
12. Peasant Dance, Instructor - Jeanne Jacobson Thur. 5p Ballet Basic 1
13. Ain't It Fun, Instructor - Beverly Stewart-Short Wed. 6p Int. Tap Elite Tap Troupe
14. Themes and Variations, Instructor - Jeanne Jacobson Thur. 6p Ballet Basic 2
15. Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows, Instructors - Sherry Melchers&Marissa Tidrick Thur. 5p Happy Feet Troupe 3
16. Nicest Kids in Town, Instructor Jake Montoya Tues. 4p Broadway Musical Theater
17. Finale' - All Performers
Saturday June 21st 1pm Performance – FINAL ORDER
(approx. 1 hour performance)
1. Where is Love, Instructor - Tracy Shearer Mon. 6p Stage Vocals
2. Ships in the Night, Instructor - Rebecca Henning Sat. 1230p Lyrical Basic 2
3. Masquerade, Instructor - Marlene Richards Tues. 4p Ballet Beg.
4. Revolting Children, Instructor - Marissa Tidrick Tues. 3p Tap Beg.
5. Drifting Rain, Instructor - Marlene Richards Tues. 6p Drifting Rain
6. Shadow Children, Instructor - Tessa Buys Sat. 12n Hawkins Jazz Company #5
7. Baby Doll Dance, Instructor - Erin Born Thurs. 3p Ballet Beg.
8. Gimme Some Lovin', Instructor - Gretta Smith Thurs. 515p Musical Theater Jazz Beg./Basic
9. Flying, Instructor - Rebecca Henning Wed. 5p Ballet Begin.
10. Treasure, Instructor - Tessa Buys Sat. 11a Hawkins Jazz Company #5
11. Moon River, Instructor - Kathy Bailey Mon. 5p Ballet Begin/Basic
12. Searching, Instructor - Kathy Bailey Thurs. 7p Lyrical Basic 2
13. I Spy, Instructor - Marissa Tidrick Fri. 5p Tap Begin/Basic
14. Winter Fairies, Instructor - Erin Born Fri. 5p Tap Beg./Basic
15. The Hard Knock Life/Cast B , Instructor - Carly Snyder Mon. 4p Sing and Dance
16. So Long, Instructor - Shannon Mahoney Wed. 4p Ballet Beg.
17. We Speak No Americano, Instructors - Sherry Melchers and Marissa Tidrick Happy Feet Tap Troupe 2
18. Puppet Peer Pressure, Instructor - Janae Rosebud Mon. 7p Hip Hop Beginning
19. Finale' - All Performers
Saturday June 21st 3pm Performance – FINAL ORDER
((approx. one hour performance)
1. Acro, Instructor - Naomi Petrik Wed. 6p Beg. Acrobatics
2. Who's Got The Pain, Instructor - Jeanne Jacob Wed. 4p Broadway Musical Theater
3. Fireflies, Instructor - Rebecca Henning Wed. 4p Ballet Basic 1
4. Let My Love Open The Door, Instructor - Rebecca Henning Fri. 5p Jazz Basic 1
5. Higher Love, Instructor - Rebecca Henning Sat. 11a Jazz Basic 2
6. A Cool Cat, Instructor - Beverly Stewart-Short Mon. 5p Rockin Rhythm Tap Troupe
7. The Spark, Instructor - Rebecca Henning Wed. 7p Jazz Basic 1
8. Bellhop Boogie, Instuctor - Tidrick Mon. 4p Tap Beg./Basic, Wed. 5p Tap Beg., Fri. 6p Tap Beg.
9. Super Mario, Instructor - Janae Rosebud Wed. 5p Hip Hop Basic/Int.
10. Water Falls, Instructor - Rebecca Henning Sat. 10a Ballet Basic 1
11. Song For My Mother, Instructor - Rebecca Henning Wed. 6p Ballet Basic 1
12. Autumn Rain, Instructor - Rebecca Henning Fri. 315p Ballet Begin
13. Jump In The Line, Instructor - Carly Snyder Thurs. 4p Jazz Basic 1
14. Spanish Rose, Instructor - Carly Snyder Tues. 4p Ballet Basic 1
15. Classroom Madness, Instructor - Janae Rosebud Mon. 6p Hip Hop Beg.
16. Misty Morning Rain, Instructor - Rebecca Henning Fri. 4p Ballet Basic 1
17. Frost Fairies, Instructor - Carly Snyder Wed. 5p Ballet Beg./Basic
18. Cruisin' For A Bruisin', Instructor - Carly Snyder Thur. 6p Jazz Basic 1
19. Sharp Dressed Man, Instructor - Rebecca Henning, Sat. 11a Hawkins Jazz Company #4
20. Finale' - All Performers
Saturday June 21st 5pm Performance – FINAL ORDER
(approx. one hour performance)
1. Into The Flames, Instructor - Ashley Chin-Mark Ballet Folsom Specialty Piece
2. Peasant Dance, Instructor - Erin Born (Nobbe) Fri. 5p Classique Ballet Competition Troupe
3. Talk, Instructor - Tony Nguyen Tue. 8p Contemporary Basic/Intermediate
4. Love Again, Instructor - Jake Montoya Hawkins Jazz Company Specialty Piece
5. It's My Party, Instructor - Carly Snyder Tue. 5p Jazz Beg.
6. This Is What It Feels Like, Instructor - Jake Montoya Hawkins Jazz Company Specialty Piece
7. The Work Song, Instructor - Carly Snyder Mon. 5p Dance Sampler
8. Rainbow Roses, Instructor - Marlene Richards Tues. 5p Ballet Basic 1
9. Whodunit?, Instructor - Janae Rosebud Wed. 7p Hip Hop Int./Advanced, Fri. 4p Hip Hop Advanced
10. Boogie Shoes, Instructor - Carly Snyder Fri. 6p Jazz Beg.
11. Classique, Instructor - Deirdre Hawkins Tues. 5p Classique Ballet Competition Troupe
12. On An On, Instructor - Janae Rosebud Wed. 4p Hip Hop Beg.
13. Lilac Fairy Attendants, Instructor - Jeanne Jacobson Thurs. 7p Ballet Intermediate
14. Why Should I Worry, Instructors - Sherry Melchers, Marissa Tidrick Tues. 4p Tap Beg.
15. Flowers, Instructors - Erin Born (Nobbe) Fri. 4p Ballet Basic 2
16. The Basement, Instructor - Beverly Stewart Thurs. 4p Happy Feet Tap Troupe 1
17. Halvah!, Instructor - Deirdre Hawkins Ballet Folsom Specialty Piece
18. Harlequin Madcap Polka, Instructor - Erin Born (Nobbe) Wed. 6p Ballet Folsom Trainees
19. Finale' - All Performers
Saturday June 21st 7pm Performance – FINAL ORDER
(approx. 1:15 performance, no intermission)
1. Pointe Demonstration, Instructor - Erin Born (Nobbe) Ballet Folsom Specialty Piece
2. Queen of Swing, Instructor - Beverly Stewart Short Wed. 4p Encore Tap Competition Troupe
3. Let It Go, Instructor - Elaine Headrick On Your Toes Outreach Program
4. I've Got Rhythm, Instructor - Jeanie Jacobson, Mon. 6p Ballet Basic/Intermediate
5. A Partnering Demonstration, Instructor - Michael Separovich Wed. 8p
6. Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend, Instructor - Carly Snyder Thurs. 5p Jazz Basic 2
7. Dance Of The Hours-La Giaconda, Instructor - Jeanne Jacobson Mon. 7p Ballet Intermediate
8. Straighten Up and Fly Right, Instructor - Beverly Stewart Thurs. 5p Sound Out tap company
9. Tango For A Spy, Instructor - Beverly Stewart Mon. 7p Tap Intermediate
10. Hush, Instructor - Charles Anderson Ballet Folsom Specialty Piece
11. Juliet's Friends, Instructor - Jeanne Jacobson Mon. 5p Ballet Basic 1
12. Concrete Wall, Instructor - Shannon Mahoney Wed. 7p Ballet Basic/Intermediate
13. Rain, Instructor - Shannon Mahoney Mon. 5p Ballet Basic 2
14. The Party, Instructor - Amelia Gwen Woodbury Ballet Folsom Specialty Piece
15. Booty Swing, Instructor - Beverly Stewart Short Tues. 6p Steppin Out Tap Competition Troupe
16. Friends, Instructor - Jake Montoya Hawkins Jazz Company Specialty Piece
17. Moi Je Joue, Graduating Senior/Student Chorography Kira Reagan Sound Out tap company
18. alliwant, Instructor - Tony Nguyen Thurs. 8p Jazz Basic 2
19. Inside The Frame, Instructor - Melissa Morrison Ballet Folsom Specialty Piece
20. 500 Miles, Instructor - Tony Nguyen Thurs. 6p Contemporary Basic 2
21. Footloose, Instructor - Beverly Stewart Short Wed. 5p Musical Theater Basic 2
22. Finale' - All Performers