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Musical Theatre Tap Company

Instructions for Dancer (Tap) Track audition:

1.  Download the video appropriate to your age/level below:

2.  Practice the combo in preparation for the audition.  You have two options for auditioning: 1) the live auditions on May 15th, OR via a video submission process (below).  If you attend the live audition, you do not need to submit a video. 


3.  For those choosing the video submission option, please record yourself doing the dance combo as demonstrated by Luke Hawkins, AD in his video.  Be sure to start your video with an introduction that includes your name and the level for which you are auditioning.  Upload your recording by May 19th using the upload link below. 

Any additional questions specific to the combos should be directed to Luke Hawkins, Artistic Director via Instagram Messenger @luketaps

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