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About Us

Who We Are

Hawkins was founded by Deirdre Hawkins over 30 years ago here locally in Folsom. With an early interest and commitment to ballet and modern dance, Hawkins took root in the community and grew rapidly, prompting two moves and expansions to accommodate the strong interest across dance disciplines. 

Fast forward, and Hawkins is regional leader in the performing arts with a broad base across all dance disciplines, as well as programs in musical theater and acrobatics. 

Luke Hawkins grew up exposed to all the arts, but immersed himself in tap dance and musical theater.  Now a 10+ year resident of NYC, Luke tours and performs professionally in a variety of productions, as well as dedicates much of his time teaching -- a passion central to the Hawkins family legacy.

What Hawkins is About

Hawkins is all about focus on the individual, whether they be a nascent or aspiring artist.  The culture at Hawkins promotes a constructive and positive learning environment.  Each student is assumed to be unique, and our teachers take the time to understand and adapt time-tested teaching principles to uncover a student's passion and garner their potential.

While often an overused term, the collective of Hawkins teachers, students and parents truly is a second family.  We welcome and openly embrace anyone who would like to be part of our community.

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Why Choose Hawkins

When young children first come to Hawkins, its usually to fuel an interest in dance or some form of expression.   But, they are often just beginning to explore their inner artist.

Hawkins is fairly unique in that while offering great depth and breadth in the classic dance disciplines, we openly encourage the exploration of tangent interests as well -- acrobatics, musical theater or voice. Students are welcome to participate casually or seriously, depending on their interest level.  Growth is supported via regular classes, camps, workshops,  master classes and intensives. 


Whether young, older or in between, Hawkins makes each journey possible.

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