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adult classes

Adult Classes

Don’t let your kids have ALL the fun… check out Hawkins awesome classes for adults!


Classes ending with (S) will perform at the annual Hawkins Showcase in June.  Registration for these classes will remain open until March 4, 2024.  Beyond that date, approval must be received by the office and the instructor. 

     Class Descriptions         

Jazz Adult with Michelle Fox Sullens 

These fun classes will consist of a warmup, including isolations, stretching, and basic technique. We will do across-the-floor work and choreography. You will gain strength, flexibility, coordination, and confidence! 

Tap Troupe “Dazzling Diamonds” with Claire Long

This fun adult "Dazzling Diamonds" Tap Troupe choreography class will start September 20th. No audition necessary! It is OPEN level.


Ballet Beg 1/2 with Michael Vester

Explore ballet fundamentals and technique in this adult-only class.  Perfect for beginners, those returning to dance after some time away, and those who simply love ballet.


Jazz Funk with Ariel Krystyne Wright

Explore a super-set of the jazz form of dance influenced by Hip Hop dance -- often fast-paced pointed gestures, sharp movements, emphasizing feminism with a focus on lines and strong performance.

Stretch & Flexibility with Samuel Fulk

Develop the steps and techniques necessary to build strength and add flexibility to your movements, as well as avoid injury.

Contemporary/Jazz Beg 1/2 with Taylor Brennan

Explore movement and expand your love for dance in this great class.

Contemporary Advanced with Jacob Gutierrez-Montoya

Explore movement and master advanced contemporary dance techniques.

Stretch & Strengthening with Megan Picas

This class draws on a variety of cross-training methods to help dancers strengthen muscles to improve performance and prevent injury. Slow stretches lengthen overused muscles and promote relaxation. 

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