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Andrew Cervantes


Andrew Cervantes

Andrew Cervantes is currently Yemaya Salsa Dance Company’s dance director and choreographer. He won L.A.’s top male soloist competition in (year) and he is also a 3x World Latin Dance Cup Champion in the same gender division. He has choreographed for individuals and teams who have won Latin dance championships as well.

With over 15 years of experience, Andrew exudes tremendous showmanship and energy both on stage and on the dance floor. He has the ability to lead and follow and is known for his style of following, styling techniques and fast spins.

Andrew's Mission is to positively impact audiences from all walks of life and to deliver a powerful image of dance and artistry. He wants to leave a beautiful impression of tolerance and acceptance. He wants to show that healing through the art of dance is possible and to remind people to not be afraid to reach high in life to achieve their dream.

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