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SUMMER  Tap Intensive
July 24

Instructor Bio

Aidan Ward

Aidan Ward Aidan Ward is a tap dancer based in New York City and Sacramento, CA. She currently trains with Dormeshia, Derick K. Grant, and Christina Carminucci in New York City and Sam Weber in San Francisco. Ms. Ward is a former member of Mr. Grant’s Improvisation Lab and Choreography Lab, the latter for which she premiered her choreography at Arts On Site in Manhattan; she has also attended tap festivals such as L.A. Tap Fest, The Intensive, and RIFF Dallas, where she has taken part in the residencies of Dormeshia, Derick K. Grant, and Dianne “Lady Di” Walker.


In addition to tap dancing, Ms. Ward is earning her B.A. in literature at The New School. Her favorite piece of tap footage is Bunny Briggs’s solo to “In A Sentimental Mood” from the Broadway show Black and Blue and her favorite book is Demons by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

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